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Sardawg's Family

I hope you enjoy the picture of my family, plus my Dad, taken on the occasion of Shannon's high school graduation in June of 2001.

The photo's below are of the fireplace room project from Fall 2001, whose story I have bored so many people by telling in great detail. I had an idea what I wanted it to look like, and the results are beyond my wildest expectations. These are taken from each corner of the 14 x 16 room, looking diagonally.


Notice a rare photograph of Candy, sitting at the table in the background. The lad is the brother of Eric's girlfriend.

You know you are getting old when all three of your "children" go out to celebrate one of their birthday's, with adult beverages! This was taken at Eric's 24th, at a venue called the Tequila Roadhouse in the near North 'burbs of Chicago.

Grandson, Drew Jason Mattson, born May 27th, 2005. The Bear is his security detail.

Some of you have heard me complain about the very large Great Dane who "graces" my life. Here are two photo's; as you can see I wasn't kidding about the size of the animal.

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