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Atlas Air Job Aids

All downloads are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf

You can right-click and select Save As to download.

Or, if you choose to do so, the pdf version will open a new browser window for your on line reading pleasure.

Atlas Air Original ALPA CBA

Thanks to Jack Haskell I'm able to provide the CBA (filename: alpa_agreement) in a bookmarked, thumbnailed, and tagged PDF format. The 200+ page file can be read on a Pocket PC, Palm or a regular computer using Acrobat Reader. [Link to download Acrobat Reader found under Download Viewers under Web Tech.] can now find a section or page of the CBA in the blink of an eye.

Immediate Recall or "Memory" Summary

[in Revision] -scs

Classic Departure Briefings

CA_TOBrief   (New 8/09/03) Rev 31


INS Information

Cumulative Drift Table

LTN92 Oceanic WPT Programming

Enroute Aids

'Accuracy Check Label' prints a 2 column by 5 row sheet of Avery labels (2" x 4"), like the ones used in Classic LQT.

'Dispatch Brief' is a two sheet document used to keep track of info regarding a leg from checking into the hotel for rest until sending the arrival message and everything in between. I have them copied on both sides of a single sheet.

'Inches to Hpa Conversion' is a chart based on an old Jepp product to aid in accurate barometric pressure conversion. It's a lot more detailed than the FOM Chapter 12 chart.

Capt Tom Jackson

Classic Normal Procedures study aid

Most of you know Tom. I am very pleased to be able to provide this means of distribution.

Capt Marc Jordan's products

Accuracy Check Form

Airports List

Classic Takeoff Worksheet

General Declaration

Most everyone has met Marc or seen one or more of these excellent aids to safe flight on the Atlas line.

Thomas Germano -400 Study Gouge

The study and review products of Thomas Germano can be downloaded from this web site. If you wish to do so, send him an email to obtain the login credentials. He is [tgermano450 AT]. The study guide has evolved over the many years Thomas has cultivated it, and it has received rave reviews from his colleagues.

Capt Fred Amicangioli

These are the product of Fred Amicangioli. The Trng Guide has Oral study questions sourced to the FCOM for reference and preparation. Used with "aerosim" software, FMS Review provides an excellent overview of the -400 FMS, integrated with Atlas FHB Procedures current with Rev 6a. He plans to update it with the FCOM details, and it will appear here shortly after that.  

If you have the Germano login credentials you have access to these as well.

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